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About us

At Guard Your ID, we are driven by a singular mission: to empower individuals to safeguard their personal information. In a world where over 1.4 million Americans fall prey to identity theft annually, our innovative products - Guard Your ID stamps and rollers - stand as a testament to our commitment to security and privacy.

Identity thieves often target easily accessible items like junk mail, prescriptions, and credit card offers. Traditional methods of concealing private information, such as shredding or using permanent markers, are increasingly ineffective. Shredding is not only non-eco-friendly but also makes recycling a challenge. Permanent markers, on the other hand, fail to adequately obscure information. Our solution? The Guard Your ID security stamps and rollers - a revolutionary, environmentally conscious alternative that ensures your personal information remains confidential. Our stamps offer a quiet, clean, and energy-efficient method of protection, while also preserving paper for recycling.

The development of our unique Guard Your ID stamp pattern was a journey marked by innovation and perseverance. Initial designs using + and – characters were soon found inadequate. After exploring various symbols like x’s, circles, stars, and checkerboards, we discovered that a combination of specific letters offered the best coverage. The letters A, B, E, G, H, K, M, V, W, and X were chosen for their minimal white space and meticulously arranged to provide optimal concealment. This exhaustive process involved testing over 100 patterns, culminating in the creation of our powerful, patented design.

In parallel, we developed a specially formulated, oil-based ink that meets stringent requirements. This unique ink is water-resistant, light-resistant, chemical-resistant, and quick-drying, capable of being applied to a variety of surfaces including paper, glossy prescription bottles, postcards, and shipping labels.

As identity theft continues to rise, we remain committed to expanding our Guard Your ID product line, providing simple yet effective solutions to a growing problem. We believe that protecting your private information is more crucial than ever, and Guard Your ID is dedicated to offering affordable, functional solutions to ensure your peace of mind.

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